Worcester Mono.

Sepia toned Worcester Cathedral

Another picture from last year (the last time I visited Worcester Cathedral). I am enjoying seeing these photos again through Nik Silver, it is a pleasant thing to revisit old photos that I didn’t much care for and see them again in a new (and improved) light.

In terms of photos taken this month, well…there has been very little.  I have managed to end up working all but two days this June. There has been little time or energy for hiking the deep, dark and mysterious woodlands of the Midlands in pursuit of magical trees that Tolkien would have appreciated. Also, the weather has been rubbish.

Hopefully next month will be somewhat calmer and I will have more time for things.

The one bright point for this coming week is that I have snagged a day off!

Yup, one glorious Wednesday to do with as I please.

I plan on visiting perhaps two Cathedrals and weather dependent the Hagley Falconry Center  The Golden Eagle shot seems to be one of my most searched images via Google, and I would like more to work with.  And since all the snaps of the majestic Birds of Prey went with my old hard drive into silicon Heaven I haven’t seen what my beloved Nik software can do with such a snap. And perhaps more interestingly I haven’t been to the birds with my new (ish) Canon 7d, with its clever focus system that sort of shot should be right up it’s aperture.

Of course, this being the UK and late June…expect torrential rain and storms.

I do have question for you, my loyal readers.

Assuming no disasters, ill health, pc crashes, zombie invasions or thermo-nuclear war I have the option of squeezing in either Worcester Cathedral or Tewkesbury Abbey. Gloucester Cathedral is a dead cert.

Leave a comment below and I will attempt (no promises!) to visit the most requested.

Worcester Cathedral or Tewkesbury Abbey…you decide!

Thanks for reading.


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