Thorny Flower!

Cactus Flower

This is Frank, my faithful cactus.

Purchased from Ikea 10 years ago with two spiny companion plants. Sadly one of the trio failed to survive for very long. But the remaining two have survived. Frank has more than survived, he has in fact thrived. He lives upon the windowsill in the kitchen, overlooking the front of the house. Constantly on watch for untoward cats trying to sneak in through open windows.

But after a few years upon his windowsill, he threw up his first flower. this first effort lasted mere hours before withering and dying. A few years later he tried again (always in December). This too succumbed to the inevitable after mere hours. The flower would always open fully but once, usually at a time when I could not snap off a photo and then die off.

And so the sorry cycle went on.

But a few years ago Frank made a change. He decided that June or July would be much more suitable for flowering. Now his flowers last a few days, and he attempts them yearly. Clearly being almost a teenager suits him. Cactus puberty?

But this (and probably the next few) photos marks my first effort to capture his flowering appendage.

I don’t think I did it justice, but it is an interesting learning experience working on a such an image.

Despite its shortfalls, I think it gives a nice idea of what a pretty flower a lumpy old cactus named Frank can generate.

Thanks for looking.

Comments welcome!


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