Gloucester Cathedral, Head!

Statue, Gloucester Cathedral,

I must admit to a certain amount of pride with this snap, the original file has been sitting on my hard drive since late last year. I was never very keen on it, it lacked something in my eyes. My original take of this statue (at Gloucester Cathedral, or course) was a bit more creative.

However, in my recent quest to rub some old and unloved images with the Nik Silver magic resulted in this version…which I love.

I very rarely state my own opinions on my work (arrogant term? I’m not sure) in strong terms, and my own personal favorites wax and wane, I am a fickle fan of photography photographed, Photoshopped and presented for perusal by me. And after that forced and arduous alliteration I will comment that I love the almost metallic result I have achieved.

And by “me” I mean Nik Silver.

I am tired and I feel I am rambling, so apologies.

What is making me a little sad is that I had lots of pictures of the various statues from both Gloucester and Worcester Cathedrals, I was happy with none of them and in the great hardrive crash of 2012 I made the cut throat decision to abandon them for images I was more happy with.

Now I am wondering again what I really lost in that mini-disaster.  What might Nik Silver have done for them?

Still, it has given me a new thirst to return to those Cathedrals I love, to investigate the textures and stonework anew.

I have a genuine tingle of excitement at the thought!

Does that make me some sort of weird photo-nerd?

Thanks for reading!



2 thoughts on “Gloucester Cathedral, Head!

  1. I’m sure there are more than us two “weird photo nerds” out there – they’re just not confessing!
    This is a fantastic image and you have reason to be proud of it. It’s hard losing images, but now you know what you’re after and you how you want to process them the results will be so much better 🙂

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