Cathedrals Away!

Having recently edited a few long forgotten images from 2012 for the Weekly Photo Challenge I thought I might play around with a few more.

One thing I will say is that running some of these pictures through Nik Silver is a revelation. Up until now I have only really played around with trees and outdoors type photos and Nik Silver, but seeing the textures that it can bring to more man-made subjects is very cool.

I want to return to either Gloucester or Worcester Cathedral/s again with this new tool at my disposal.


Sadly I am working pretty much every day for the next few weeks at least, so I haven’t the time.

On with the picture!

Just one for now, more later.


And thanks for reading, comments are always welcome.

Worcester Cathedral!

Worcester Cathedral



5 thoughts on “Cathedrals Away!

  1. Stunning shot. Love the texture on the stone walls of the cathedral.
    You take such great B & W images – I really think it is your forte.

  2. I’m a recent user of Nik Silver and am also very impressed at what it can do. As you say, the way it brings out texture is incredible. The texture in both the walls and ceiling, and detail in the window, is wonderful and mono was the perfect choice for this shot.

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