Weekly Photo Challenge. Curves.

I thought that for this challenge I would include two pictures from the same place, Worcester Cathedral.

They were taken last year and were deposited on my hard drive and then promptly forgot about.

Since then I have invested in new software to edit photos with (Nik products) and when I saw this challenge I immediately remembered these photos, and was inspired to see what the new software could do in 2013 what I wouldn’t have been able to do in 2012.

So, with no further words of explanation…

The Curves of Worcester Cathedral!

Worcester Cathedral, Interior.


Worcester Cathedral, Interior.

Thanks for looking.

6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge. Curves.

  1. I really like the shapes in the first shot – great viewpoint.
    This looks very similar to the Chapter House in Salisbury Cathedral but they don’t allow photography in there đŸ˜¦

    • When I was posting it I was trying to remember what the room was, but you have reminded me. The Chapter House!

      They allow photography, but you can’t go in.

      Thanks for the response:)

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