Lake Windermere, Return of the Water.

If some of you recognize the following picture of Lake Windermere (the most famous lake in the Lake District)…that will be because I have posted it before.

However this is a new edit, and I always felt that I could do a better version than the last one, and as I find myself without anything much to work on after a quiet and sadly non-photographic weekend, I thought it was time to visit this image again.

So here we have (yet) another attempt….but just for the sake of full disclosure, this was taken at silly O’clock on a cold February morning. I have boosted the blue tones slightly, but it really was very cold and very blue.


Lake Windermere

In truth it is very similar to the original version, but the mono conversion is much nicer.


Lake Windermere


Edit: After having typed the above I checked the previous version and I discovered that I have not posted this image before, I have posted a very similar but wider version HERE.

Frankly it is late and I am to tired to re-write the initial text to this entry.


Thanks for looking.



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