The Old Forest, Exploded!

Kinver Edge Woods

This is another in my experimental explody phase of photography.  Taken at Kinver Edge in the UK.

It may be difficult to recognize, but these trees have appeared in this blog before, but in a very different (i.e. not exploded) style. For comparison, take a look HERE and HERE.

I have mentioned before that I really like taking these shots, for one reason…it’s a bit of fun. Certainly it’s not a technique to be taken all po-faced and serious.  But the best reason is that you have no way of knowing exactly what the results will be.

This is certainly a more dreamlike result than I thought would happen…I like it.

And just because I cannot help myself, have a mono version.


Kinver Edge Woods, Mono

Although (and it pains me to admit it), the color version is better. At least I think so. The clarity that the mono brings is a disservice to the dreamy and summery colors.

But that is just my opinion, and I would love to hear yours.


Feel to free to comment, dreamy happy picture or nightmarishly garish construction?


I want to know!





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