Major Oak-splosion!


I’m not sure that either that awful pun in the title or the following picture have worked.

Certainly I have a few nicer “exploding” pictures than this one, but I will post it regardless.


The Major Oak, Sherwood Forest.

This is, of course, the Major Oak at the legendary Sherwood Forest. For slightly less odd photographs see HERE.


In the spirit of posting things probably best left unposted I am presenting a slightly different edit of a previously displayed explody snap.


Bluebells, Clent Hills, May 2013

This one is a little lighter in color, which I feel creates a very different mood. A much less dramatic mood.


And lastly this one.

This one is interesting (perhaps only to me) in that it was a deliberate version of THIS snap, which was a happy accident.

Woodland at Clent Hills

The aspect to these photographs that I like is that from week to week a different image is created, even when taken at roughly the same time of day and position. The increased foliage adds so much random change and character to each different photo you never know what the results will be.

Usually that is a bad thing, consistency is something that I strive for.  But in this case, for these images…the random factor makes it fun.

I am curious as to what this shot will look like in the winter, with snow and bare branches.  Tune in next December to find out!


Thanks for looking.

And your thoughts are welcome, are there any other fun little tricks that you know of to create a weird and interesting image?

Someone needs to create a challenge!




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