The Old Forest in Technicolor!

Kinver Wood

A little while ago I presented THIS picture on this blog, and it seems to have been quite favorably received.

I knew when taking the shot originally that I would be converting it to a mono version, and I was very happy with the result.

But along the process to get it looking nice for its mono-destiny I wanted to boost the colors a bit…which leaves us with the above shot. The photo is essentially a work-in-progress shot. But I quite like it also, so I thought I may as well post it up here and link back to its future self in the past.

It was taken at Kinver Edge with my trusty Canon 7d.

As always, I wonder what others think of the two versions.

Opinions please!


12 thoughts on “The Old Forest in Technicolor!

  1. I prefer the B & W version – but then I am a big fan of B & W. I’m not a fan of bright colours, although I admit I’ve brightened up my own colour photos which I share online as it seems to bring more views.

    I think the texture of the bark shows up more in the B & W, whereas with this colour version, all you see is bright green (moss) and aqua blue (foliage). In other words, I prefer texture over colour, but that’s just my personal taste.

    • Bright colors do seem to attract the roving eye a bit more, but I agree that B & W has more texture.

      There is probably a metaphor for life in there somewhere:)

      Thanks for the input.

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