Green Green Woody Woods.


This is a sequel (of sorts) to my last post HERE.

I asked for advice on a photo that I couldn’t quite like, there was something I felt was off and did not understand why.

Some very useful opinions were received, thanks to all who took the time to respond.

Rather than simply re-edit that photo again I opted to mess about with this one…same tree, different angle.

I think that I like this one more, although (as I mentioned in a reply) that the green foliage on the floor is unflowered Bluebells.  Hopefully I will return this weekend, hopefully the weather will be kind enough to let me and  hopefully (much hope here) they will be flowering.

So hopefully (arg!) there will be a lot of purple/blue to add more interest into the shot.

Fingers crossed!

The element I am most unsure of, is the leaves in the foreground at the top of the shot, I don’t know whether  I think they are distracting or actually add something to the image.

As always, feel free to make any suggestions for improvements.




Oh, and just because I can.


The same image…Lomo style!




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