Opinions Wanted!

Clent Hills, Spring Wood.

As the title requests…what do people think of this one?

I am not sure about it, maybe I am just tired and have been staring at it for to long.

But I can’t quite place my finger on what I don’t like about it.

I do like the very spring/verdant feel to it, so I am not entirely displeased.

Anyway, thoughts are welcome. In fact thoughts are wanted, requested and invited.




15 thoughts on “Opinions Wanted!

  1. It is a lovely shot . . . good composition . . . good angle. Yes, it feels like spring. Could it be that what bothers you is that the light from behind the trees overexposes the bright green leaves in the upper left?

  2. It could also be perhaps you are distracted by the dark background…this is a print that would look GORGEOUS on a nice stark, white wall in a condo, or loft space…;-) Very bright and lush

  3. I think ‘opreach’ has it pinned down. The over-exposure on the left is spoiling it.

    Personally, and this is just personal taste, I think there’s too much light green. The composition is just fine. I would prefer to see a bit more tonal range.

    I have 2 photos I’m playing around with which are very similar ie. too much green. I’ve been playing around with the definition and midtones tryining to get more light & shade into my 2 images. I think I’ll just end up deleting them and going back to the scene I’m trying to capture (as it’s only about 20 mins walk from home) and trying some more shots on a day with less sunlight.

    Sometimes we play around too much with an image and lose the original vision we had at the time of shooting.

    • I agree with you, I have played around with it a little and darkened the overexposed bits a bit.

      All the vegetation on the forest floor are actually Bluebells, and they should be flowering right about now, I shall be trying this pic again at the weekend…hopefully a carpet of purple will add some different tones and visual interest.

      Thanks for the input:)

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