Happy Mistake?

Springer Spaniel

A little portrait of the faithful Jess, Springer Spaniel extraordinaire.

I make no grandiose claims for this, I got the shot settings totally and utterly wrong. I was using my 70-200l (which I love, but do not use as often as I would want), the sun was out and the sea was sparkling in the background.

What sea?

The sea missing from the shot because I had the metering set to spot, and happened to be focused upon the dark furry ear of the savage wolfen predator.  The camera obligingly metered according to that dark brown ear and Hey Presto!

Blown out highlights.

In fact blown out almost everything.

But, a quick mono conversion…and we have this.

Certainly we are not going to win any awards, and it is not really “the look” I was going for.

But despite the calamity, and as much as I would have wanted this shot in the planned form (with an actual background), I still like it.

Frankly, as long as the shot isn’t blurred I tend to be happy with pretty much any shot I can get of this dog.

She simply rarely stands still long enough for me even to raise the camera to my eye, just forget about composing a decent portrait.

Thanks for looking!



22 thoughts on “Happy Mistake?

  1. Great effect and at least you know how to repeat this happy mistake. I wish more of my mistakes were happy instead of ending up in the trash. I’m trying to experiment more to improve my photography too! Here’s hoping you make less mistakes and that the ones you make are happy ones. 🙂

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