Mini Photo Clearence, Sunday Edition.

I have almost caught up now with my missed pictures, my little bit of blog spring clearing.

The following two were not so much forgotten as judged a bit pointless at the time.  These two are simply a few different edits of THIS picture, and I felt that they were actually quite similar (black and white version notwithstanding). There didn’t seem much point in the posting of them.


But here we are in a completist frame of mind, also it has been an age since I posted a pic of a Cathedral.

So the Cloisters at Gloucester Cathedral, in color.


Gloucester Cathedral

And in mono.


Gloucester Cathedral, Cloisters


And after those two, have a look at Worcester Cathedral.


Worcester Cathedral, Ceiling.

I was not very happy with this one to be honest.

I had not long had my Canon 7d and was coming to grips with what it could and could not do.  I had the ISO set too low which caused some significant under exposure.  Also I should have been slightly further to the right.  To my mind this sort of shot relies on precise angles and geometry. That central beam at the top should have been directly through the center of the clock.  As it is we are slightly off-center. It might actually not have been possible to achieve that, but I won’t know until I try again.

I am looking forward to returning, it seems like I haven’t been in a long time.


And lastly, a very contrasty version of a previously shown shot.


Worcester Cathedral, Roof.

Worcester Cathedral, roof.


Tomorrow I am off to Harlech.

Wales is one of my favourite places to visit, and everyone loves a good castle.  Weather and fortune permitting my 7d and I will have some nice shots for posting.





6 thoughts on “Mini Photo Clearence, Sunday Edition.

    • Its a lovely place. If you were efficient and the traffic was kind you could do Worcester Cathedral and Gloucester Cathedral in a day and you might even squeeze in Tewkesbury Abbey. But that would probably be pushing it a bit.

      But Gloucester Cathedral is one of my favorite places to visit, if you can ever get there then your time won’t be wasted.

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