Kinver Edge!

Kinver Edge.

Instead of the usual Clent Hills walk, today my faithful hound and I explored Kinver Edge. I am a sucker for ancient woodland and at Kinver the woodland is ancient indeed.

According to Wikipedia the woodland here is a remnant of the Mercian forests. Which is another way of saying there have been trees here for over a thousand years.

The woods certainly feel old, and I have never seen so much moss clinging to so many trees. Very cool indeed.

Also, weirdly, a lot of trees growing at funny angles. I imagine there is some sensible reason why, but it escapes me for the present.

It usually takes me a few visits to a place for me to get a feel for it (photographically speaking). My main impression upon this first visit is one of green.  Green fields. green farmland and very green trees.

There where certainly no complaints from Jess the Springer Spaniel.


Kinver…I will be back!


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