Enniscrone. Rocky!


There are some very rocky beaches in Enniscrone, Ireland.

It is fair (I think) to say that they are not beautiful.

But they are dramatic, and frankly a bit dangerous to walk on, the last time I tried walking on this outcrop of rock I slipped and nearly broke a few ribs.

This time it was a lot drier and much less greasy with algae.

But my peril led to what I thunk is a nice photo.

In the distance (for those interested) is Crow Patrick (more properly Croagh Patrick) , which is a very cool name for a mountain in my opinion.

The little patch of snow on the peak is quite cool I think.

And how about this shot?, same spot but a different angle.


Gently adjusted via Nik Silver and taken with a Canon 7d and slightly wonky 17-55mm IS.


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