Photoshop Gone Wild Redux.


This is a slightly different version of THIS image (my last entry).

I asked for comments and criticism, and in response to one particular contribution by throughenglisheyesmark I have had a fiddle around and the above image is the result.

I think I could probably do a smoother job of tweaking the brightness of the central trees, but I think the overall effect is improved.

The one little detail I simply hadn’t noticed before is the light caught in the child’s hair. Such a little thing, but I like it a lot.

Thoughts and comments welcome!


4 thoughts on “Photoshop Gone Wild Redux.

  1. A good reworking – although, as you say, perhaps a little more subtlety with the central trees 🙂
    The highlight in the child’s hair is lovely and the arrangement of the three figures is perfect. They catch the eye really well, leading you down the track to the trees and then the rays of light draw you up into the background and the rest of the image.
    The dark LH corner is mildly distracting but not a lot you could have done about it whilst still retaining the central composition. How about a slightly stronger vignette applied to the other three corners to balance it out a little?
    Having prattled on 🙂 I think it’s a lovely evocative shot with great atmosphere that’s had me looking around it for ages.

    • Responses like this are why I like to run this little blog:)

      Thanks for taking the time to give your thoughts.

      I will certainly follow your suggestions and tweak it again, I’m enjoying the communal aspect of this photo.:)

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