Photoshop Gone Wild!

Hills to Heaven.

I may have lost the plot a bit with this one.

The original image (taken at Clent Hills, any regular reader of this blog probably knows them as well as I do by now) is nothing special. But I did take it with a view for future photoshop manipulation.

And manipulated it has been. I have lovingly massaged the image with photoshop and caressed it’s shapely form with Nik Silver Efex Pro.

The result is…well, I am not sure.

I like it, but as is often the case I fear that I am not impartial.

So over to you.

A mystical and evocative image or an overworked disaster?

Creative or crap?

Spare me no mercy!

Incidentally, on an entirely unrelated point…2 weeks from now I shall be in Ireland! Again!

Hopefully Enniscrone and her lovely sunsets will be as kind to me then as they were last year.

Anyway, that is all.


14 thoughts on “Photoshop Gone Wild!

  1. Hi my friend, it’s always difficult to criticise other peoples images especially when they are this good. I really like what you have done because in my opinion the toning works but I would probably crop it differently due to the darkness of the trees and bushes in the left hand corner, they take your eyes away from the image because it is in the left hand corner, then the large group of trees in the centre also take you eyes away from the people and the magnificence of the suns rays through the clouds. Maybe consider cropping tight almost to the feet of the people then up on the left before the group of trees and about half a cm in on the right hand side, a kiss of light to the centre trees and a little added structure to the sky πŸ™‚ Oh bugger, now i’m rambling…sorry. I do love this image it would hand print very well with the right paper and a hint of tint πŸ™‚

    Hope you don’t mind?


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