Lake District, Kirkstone Pass.

Kirkstone Pass

Technically this isn’t really on the Kirkstone Pass in the Lake District, it is the view from the side of the road just before you start up the pass coming from the direction of Patterdale.

I could have taken this shot closer to the fence (in fact I did), and thus leave out the wire out of the shot.  But I quite like this version, it probably speaks to something within my psyche that likes to put up barriers to happiness or some such.

The next post will almost certainly be the wire free version, so you will all be at liberty to decide which is the more interesting shot.

On a technical/software note I am on day 13 of my 15 day trial of Nik Color Efex pro 4.  After my thoroughly enjoyable trial with Nik Silver I thought I may as well have a play with some (maybe eventually all?) of Nik’s products.

I won’t be making as much of an issue with Nik Color as I did with Nik Silver, suffice to say that after a few days of being very disappointed with it I had a bit of an epiphany and the process just “clicked”.

Frankly, I love it.

And for many of the same reasons as why I love Nik Silver. It is true to that to a degree you can achieve these results through Photoshop alone.  But to do so would require a certain amount of time and patience, with perhaps several different versions of the image edited separately and then carefully merged together to create one picture.

Or you could just click “Dark Contrasts” within Nik Color and BAM. Done. You can of course spend more time tweaking the image for ever more subtle results, but the above picture  (and the previous entry) are plenty good enough for me.

Will I buy it?

I’m not sure, I do want it. But I suspect my wallet will need to recharge after the Nik Silver splurge.


Thanks for reading, and as ever feel free to comment, compliment, chastise, castigate, criticize or commend.


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