A Waterfall, Long Exposure and the Lake District.

Waterfall into Lake Windermere

Who doesn’t like the effect of a long exposure combined with moving water?  This is a little waterfall (probably one of many) that leads into Lake Windermere.  This particular one is a few dozen yards behind the boathouse featured HERE.

Up to this point I had not had much experience with long exposures, and I am reasonable happy with how they turned out. Needless to say, expect one or two more!

Also today marks the end of my 15 day free trial of Nik Silver Efex Pro.  So, although I have not presented everything I have produced with the software (yet), there will not be many more.

It will probably be worth a slightly more detailed post, and I have yet to have a real attempt with Elements to see how close I can come to replicating the effects…but I have been very impressed.

And on yet another tangent I have been nominated for a Very Inspiring Blog Award, which is a very pleasant thing to happen.

Ordinarily I am too disorganized to compose the usual acceptance post and compile the links/recommendations …but I will get around to this as soon as I am able.

But until the more formal post is prepared I will say a quick thankyou to Callie Garp for the nomination.


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