Kirkstone Pass, Halfway up.

view from Kirkstone Pass Inn.Halfway up the Kirkstone Pass, looking in the Patterdale direction.


And for a slight change of pace, here is a color version of a very similar shot.

I am not that happy with it to be honest, trying to get a balanced exposure under the bright sunlight, glaring white snow and black tarmac was a challenge.

Or maybe it’s just my photoshop skills being tested.


Kirkstone Pass, To Patterdale!


Thanks for reading.


4 thoughts on “Kirkstone Pass, Halfway up.

  1. Looks reasonably okay to me – and I’m on an uncalibrated screen at the moment.
    I presume you shoot RAW and are a ready user of the histogram? Curves can be useful to pull sections in – though if you’re using photoshop elements, I don’t think it’s in that – you may find you have a curves facility in the original software tool that came with your camera? Problem with then manipulating areas to ‘bring them in’ you can end up with areas that look decidedly flat/lacking in contrast.

    • Since I acquired Elements I have not bothered with the software that came with the camera, but that is due to laziness really.

      It hadnt occurred to me to see what I could do with DPP.

      Thanks for the input:)

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