Walton Hill.


Why do WordPress keep changing the way one  manipulates your blog? Why do they Keep messing with things that aren’t broken?

Why WordPress why?

That wasn’t really the way I wanted to start this entry,  but I am a creature of routine and the bloggy powers that be have changed my blog posting…er…routine.


But the picture perhaps deserves at least some mention.

The dog and me got all adventurous today, we did a different and entirely new circuit on our Clent Hills weekend walk.

Walton Hill is slightly more awkward to get to (one has to drive almost 500 extra yards!) and has remained unexplored by the intrepid duo of Jess the spaniel and myself.

Until today!

It was nice to have a different route with different things to see, most notably that Walton Hill borders some working farms, and hence the fences and barbed wire.

I kind of like the contrast of apparently open countryside fenced off, there is perhaps some deeper meaning to be made from such an image.


Before I sign off, have the customary monochrome version.







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