Photoshop For The Win!

clenthillstandingstoneAnother weekend, another set of Clent Hills images.  Yesterday was very disappointing as far as photography went, there where two factors combining to spoil my fun.

1/A bright, clear sunny day.

2/Snow. Lots of snow, therefore lots of glare and harsh light. My poor 7d (or me) was unable to deal with the difficulties.

Today was a different story, no snow and lots of nice cloud cover…made things much more interesting.

This image is of the standing stone atop the highest peak of the Clent Hills.  And while it isn’t exactly perfect, it does represent my first foray into the brave world of multiple versions of the same image blended together.  Technically it might be HDR, but I am not sure.

HDR or not, it is quite dramatically edited and adjusted through photoshop.

To be honest, it is far too noisy and there are a couple of issues that a little more time when taking the photo itself would have sorted.

But at the moment I was taking this (literally, the very moment) it started to hale.

While photoshop was able to remove the huge hale-stone that had landed dead centre of the lens, the weather still forced me to abandon my efforts for the day.

I think I like it,  any opinions and thoughts are welcome.


3 thoughts on “Photoshop For The Win!

  1. Great shot, M! I’ll post this one up in a few days. My apology for not getting back with you… been extremely busy with new profession trying to get on top of the learning curve. Blessings to you.

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