Clent Hill and a 2012 Reflection.

clent hill

Firstly, Happy new year!

Secondly, this snap is one of many taken last year (!) in December at the Clent Hills, but those of you following this blog will probably already have guessed that.  Fiddled about with via the mighty Elements.

Now the meat of the post.  I wanted to do something a little unorthodox (for me and this blog) and put finger to keyboard for a refection upon the year 2012.  I will probably waffle, so if the notion of a slightly self-indulgent post doesn’t interest you then feel free to close this window and move on.

I thought about re-posting my personal favorite picture from 2012, and then thought maybe I should post my most “liked” picture. Then I thought it might be informative to post a few stats…but then WordPress went and did that end of year review for everyone, which rendered my plan pointless.

I wanted my last post of the year (or failing that my first post of 2013) to be something a little more personal.

And then inspiration struck, not a post about my successes, but a record of “the ones that got away”.  It is impossible to have my camera with me at all times, and it is not always possible to take that shot even if you do have a camera on hand.

So this is a tribute to the 3 photos I can still see clearly in my mind’s eye, but was unable to capture.

The first is the easiest to sort out, it requires an early morning and a battle to climb out of bed.  I live fairly close to a part of the Midlands (UK) called Wednesbury.  It had never really occurred to me that this name had  interesting and pagan roots.  The town’s name hearkens back to a Anglo-Saxon past and may possibly be dated to 1004 ad.  The name means “Odins Hill” or some similar thing.  Odin (when he isn’t starring in Hollywood blockbusters) was of course the chief deity of the Norse types.

But enough of this waffle I hear you cry!

What photo did you miss?

Well, it is more of a concept, but there is a pub called the “Woden” which is at the foot of a steep little street with a Church at the top of the hill.  I like the notion of trying to capture a snap with the two flavours of religion and history nestled in a fairly mundane street.

It might not work or be interesting to anyone but me, but hey…it’s my camera and  blog. So I will witter on about it.

The second is possibly impossible to achieve.  Sometime in September (I think) I happened to be driving down a busy country road and to my right saw a combination of events that was majestic.  There were bales of hay freshly cut and staggered about a field. The field itself was upon the side of a small hill and the sun was just setting behind the aforementioned hill. The golden light was casting long shadows directly in line my view.

I am not sure that my words have done the sight much justice, a photo would have been better…

And lastly, the most spectacular miss was actually only a few weeks ago.  Upon my journey home from work I pass a large-scale bakery, and outside this bakery there are four gigantic chrome cylinders (the function of which I am clueless about). Reflecting on these was one of the most crimson sunsets I have ever seen.

Imagine 4 huge silver columns, one side shining silver and the other scarlet and orange with the reflected sunset.

It was a spectacular sight, and since I have driven past that site 1000’s of times and never seen that happen before I wonder if will ever see it again.

The curious thing about committing these thoughts to this blog is that I am not so much sad to have missed these shots as I am enthused as to what 2013 will bring.  It is one thing to plan a shot out and have it result in an image you like, but simply being in the right place at the right time and looking is a wonderful thing.

And it is something I am thankful to photography (if one can actually be thankful to a hobby) for.  Even without a camera I am always looking, always seeing things.  It’s a beautiful world out there, one just needs to notice it.

Thanks for reading this far (if anybody did), and bring on 2013!


7 thoughts on “Clent Hill and a 2012 Reflection.

  1. Great topic and excellent post! Personally, I am not a very spontaneous shooter so it does not happen all that often to me that I think ” should have brought my camera”. However, while visiting a huge building being converted into condos, I noticed that the vast majority of the place is accessible but not developed yet so I could have taken really cool picture of an industrial building with super long and high hallways. Did not have my camera…

  2. Lovely photo. I think one should be thankful for hobbies. I think people with hobbies are better off than people who don’t have any. Being a photography nut makes one more observant, which is a very good thing.

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