Weekly Photo Challenge. Delicate.

Many years ago while on holiday in Cornwall I came across this rabbit skull in the dunes.

There where no other bones present, just this incredibly delicate skull.  I was (and still am) curious about the sequence of events that would utterly destroy the entire body of a rabbit…but leave the most delicate part of its skeletal anatomy untouched.

As the years have gone by I have kept this little and fragile thing, and as much as I have tried to prevent any further damage…simply touching it can result in it crumbling and splintering.

Perhaps this could be a metaphor for how delicate and fragile life is?

I think I prefer the other point of view, as fragile as this is…it still exists.  I have kept it as safe as possible for more than 20 years…this rabbit died before there was WordPress or even an internet.  And yet here it is. It seems a remarkable and unlikely series of events.  That could be seen to be an optimistic outlook…amazing things can happen.

But in simple terms this is absolutely the first thing that comes to my mind when I think delicate.

I just wish I had access to a macro lens to really do it justice.

Rabbit Skull


10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge. Delicate.

  1. You know, it’s funny, I have a badger skull, which I also found about 20 years ago and still keep it and like it very much. It’s slightly more robust than the rabbit I suspect. Anyhow, nice piece. Lovely image, and enjoyed your thoughts on the theme very much as well.

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