Action Dog.

_MG_5583fe1forblogA little snap taken of Jess the Springer Spaniel at the Clent Hills this morning.

This was taken in the one single 1/1000th of a second when she wasn’t running at full speed towards the next muddy puddle.

To anyone reading this who has a Springer…do they ever calm down? Or are they always the canine equivalent of the energizer bunny?


10 thoughts on “Action Dog.

  1. My neighbours have two Springers and we look after them when they go on holiday. At eleven years old they are still like puppies and get incredibly excited about a walk to the local wood that they have done twice a day for their whole lives. It seems that every little patch of vegetation has to be investigated.

    • I’m quite sure that this dog would chase absolutely anything it could, what she would when and if she eventually caught hold of something…I suspect she would be as surprised as the unfortunate chased thing. 🙂

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