Barnstorming Owl.

Ok, so the title is a really lame pun.  Even by my standards it is rubbish.  But it seemed appropriate, and as this is the last of my three versions of a Barn Owl, when else was I going to get to use it?

This is the original, and is almost completely straight out of the camera. Apart from the border, signature and a re-size it has (I think) only been very slightly tweaked by the mighty Photoshop Elements.

It is here for a sense of completeness, and it is perhaps of interest to compare it with the two edits.

Black and White.


I think it is fair to state that Barn Owl’s are beautiful birds.

Also, since I acquired my 17-55 IS lens that is what has been on my camera 90% of the time, but looking at this I really miss using my 70-200l. I think I may need to a zoo run at some point soon, but in November/December I wonder if there is much point.


Thanks for looking.


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