Again With the Gloucester.

Here we have another image of Gloucester Cathedral, and one that I have no memory of taking.  It is only perhaps due to my old pc dieing a death and my utterly haphazard method of retrieving whatever I could that I managed to find it.  Sadly the RAW file didn’t make it, so I had to make do with the JPEG, so I don’t feel like I really did it much justice.

I suspect I may well return to the cathedral once more before the year is out, and maybe I can redo this shot and make a few improvements.

Of all the Cathedrals I have been to in the past few months Gloucester remains my favourite, there is something special about the way the place is lit that manages to enhance the architecture.  All too often (in my experiences)  the lighting is simply there to light things.  A bit obvious I know, but big glaring spotlights tend to randomly show up as lens flare, even if there I no light in frame.

Many images I have had ruined by random flares.

Gloucester seems to have more gentle and predictable lighting that tends to help the budding photographer and not hinder.


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