Blast from the Past.

Things are still a little quiet on the bloggy photo front, I am still without photoshop.  With work and the crazy puppy I simply haven’t had the time to get it sorted out.

But I have been out with the camera, and I have some pretty pictures to share.  We will have to be patient on that front. Myself most of all.

But while randomly trying to save as much from my old pc as possible, I stumbled upon this shot that I had completely forgotten about.

It was taken years ago. I did some editing on it in 2010, but it was taken 4-5 years before that,

And since I am currently without much to share, I may as post this up.

This is my Irian Jaya Carpet Python, as she was several (?) years ago.  Nowadays she is 7-8 ft long and is much darker in coloration.



Hopefully I will be back up to speed soon, but PC breaking, car tax and MOT due all in the space of a couple of weeks has left me poorer than a poor person without money.


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