Moody Mono Owl.


Things are a little slow here, it is taking me some time to get back to where I was with regards to PC’s and software (after the terminal decline of my old PC last week).

But I had some luck, I have been able to recover some amount of my pictorial efforts.  Dropbox is proving very useful as has Skydrive/Hotmail.

Between those I have recovered some personal images of family that will probably never be shown here and a certain amount of previous efforts that either have already been shown here or were always intended to appear eventually.

But I am pleased that I managed to save this treatment of that Barn Owl.

I realize this sort of photoshopped probably isn’t for everyone, but I am very fond of the results. It reminds me of a silver do-it-yourself etching I used to have as a child many years ago.


8 thoughts on “Moody Mono Owl.

  1. I love it! Gorgeous image! … As to your PC conundrum, I lost all my images of Prague a couple of years ago when my PC crashed, so I can imagine just how you must feel about losing yours. … Good luck with the rest of your image recovery. … Dorothy 🙂

    • Thank you! My recovery is coming along in bits and pieces as the old and doomed pc will only remain on for minutes at a time before crashing and going horribly wrong.

      But it valiantly manages to upload a few pics per time into dropbox.

      It does make for an interesting situation where I am only uploading my most valued photos and potentially leaving 100’s behind. It is making me choose those snaps I most want to keep.

      Which is bizarrely therapeutic.

  2. Whoa, I love this image. the B&W is beautiful, and while sometimes you associate B&W with getting rid of some detail, I actually feel opposite here. Great use of this effect.

    I just switched from PC to Mac so I can’t use my hard drive that lots of my photos are on. You’re right, Dropbox is very helpful for such problems indeed 😀

  3. Mate, don’t worry about Photoshop. Back in the olden days we used to do all sorts of creative stuff in the dark room to alter the original image. It’s all part of the process to knock out a great shot like this one.

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