Well it finally happened.

My old and worn pc finally died.  I now have to work out how to get 3 years worth of photography off a dead machine and onto this new one.

A certain, clean slate loving part of me thinks it might be an idea to start afresh.  My recently acquired new 7d, a new pc and an updated (and new) version of photoshop.  Out with the old, in with the new.

But the more level-headed person is screaming “WTF! I cannot lose those pics, too many shots of nieces and nephews, sunsets and puppies.

So the above picture represents (possibly) the last photo of the last three years.  It isn’t even the version of the picture I intended to upload.  The color original was much nicer, but in my haste to upload a few shots from my travel to the local vineyard (in the UK…an actual Vineyard! it is amazing to me) I uploaded the wrong version.

And then the pc died.

So perhaps fittingly we have a melancholic B&W picture of a Barn Owl.  Which is probably as good a picture to end an era with as any other.


And no, I had not backed anything up.  I always meant to, obviously.

Only a complete moron would trust to a pc he knew was already ailing to not self destruct, before saving treasured images.

Typing this I have just remembered that the last thing I did on that old machine was a “barely there” version of this Barn Owl in profile that I was very happy with.



6 thoughts on “Arrggggggggggggggggggggg!

  1. I remember when I just hit 10000 clicks on my camera and started tidying up the photos. Brutally deleting everything that wasn’t up to standard. I found the experience extremely refreshing and that was the first time when I realized that I didn’t actually have to shoot all these photos.
    Still, there were some images I kept (about 10% in total, this including the ones I’m happy with and the ones I keep for God knows what, perhaps thinking that maybe I will do something with them) and I think I wouldn’t like to loose them.
    As for the practical advice, is there a possibility of taking the HDD out of the old computer and connecting it as an external one (you can get all cables to connect it off ebay for peanuts). Does it start up? If it does, than retrieving the images shouldn’t be too difficult. If it doesn’t start up, then it may be still possible to save the data by finding exactly the same make and model (working) and replacing the electronics. Which is not exactly easy or cheap, but possible.

  2. Great picture, but I am really sorry about your computer 😦 I’ve been spending the last couple of month moving all my photos onto an external hard drive! It’s well worth the money and it’s less stress for sure. I’ve lost a lot of pictures to an old computer before… sucks lol! Have fun starting over though 🙂 Starting fresh will be fun

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