Another King.

I continued my architectural journeyings with a visit to Worcester Cathedral today.  I will say, right here at the beginning that I found both Gloucester Cathedral and Tewkesbury Abbey to be more beautiful places…but that is a personal preference based on that they both look like they were designed by Elrond.

Or at least Peter Jackson.

But Worcester Cathedral looks very much designed by human hands, not dainty elven fingers.

That aside, it is still a wonderful place.

But the subject of this entry is not the grand architecture but the second King to grace these blog pages.

So please rise for King John!

Yes, that King John who was Richard the Lionheart’s less than heroic brother!

Yes, that King John of Magna Carter fame!

Yes, that King John of fictional Robin Hood adventures!

He might well be in need of a nose-job, but see how well you look when 800 years old you are.




A king and a Yoda reference.  I’m on a roll!


2 thoughts on “Another King.

  1. Very well composed, this picture is! … I’m surprised that he was given such nice treatment, considering how much he is despised (according to literature). When was the effigy made?

    • According to wiki the effigy dates from 1232. The cathedral had some extra information that the base of the effigy (you can’t see it in this pic) was rebuilt in the 1500’s.

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