Ballina, County Mayo.

Ballina is a little town in Ireland, and over the years I have been there several times (family connections).

This shot will be familiar to anyone who has ever seen a postcard from Ballina, as it seems just about everyone with a camera will take this very same shot from this angle.  I resisted this tradition for many years (I am an awkward sod at heart).


But I finally bowed to peer pressure and took a few snaps.


Have a wiki link to Ballina HERE.

The observant amongst you will notice the shot they use is basically the same as this (same angle at least).


5 thoughts on “Ballina, County Mayo.

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. NHS? Doctor? Me too… US. The obvious question… do you have a shot, that’s different than the tourist shot. Perhaps a panorama with the water cropped. It’s not as interesting anyway. All the best.

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