The Open Road, Ireland.

I have a liking for “open road” type shots, but I happen to live in a busy metropolis in the midlands of the UK…there is no such thing as open road.

But over in Ireland things are very different, you can go minutes without seeing another motor vehicle.

But despite the statistical safety of standing in the middle of the road and taking pictures, it is still a somewhat scary enterprise.

I might have tried different compositions, or different metering (I am still getting to grips with the metering on the 7d)…but to be honest I lost my nerve.

So with a few images I am left with photoshop to try to create some variety.

Ordinarily I would inform my readers where the photo was taken, but in this case I literally have no idea.

Other than in Ireland, about 30 minutes on a random road away from Ceider Fields Archeological site.


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