Irish View.

Another scene from the bay at Enniscrone, taken from the pier that has already been featured previously.

There are a number of shots that I am not entirely happy with my editing, and this is one of those.  I think I shall give it another run through Elements at some point, but I am annoyingly busy…so this will have to do.


4 thoughts on “Irish View.

    • The colours look a little off to me, but that might be my monitor. That and I am never happy with my stuff. 🙂

      When you say horizon do you mean that its’s not level or something else?

      Thanks for the input, I appreciate any and all comments.

  1. Yes, if you placed a horizontal across the sand – at a guess it is about 1deg out which doesn’t seem much but is sufficient to stop people focusing on the image as you have presented it – most software will allow adjustment – Photoshop Elements allows you to draw a line and the image is rotated accordingly. If you you cant I will see if I can demo for you on facebook

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