The Stairs. They Go Up.

A couple of weekends ago I took my brand spanking new Canon 7d away to Wales with me.

I find it much easier to learn new skills “on the job”.  I had read the manual, and I have had a Canon 400d for years…how hard could it possible be to get some good results.



Quite hard apparently.

Although it is not really what this blog is about I do plan on doing a few detailed posts on my experiences with my new shiny piece of kit,  and I present these next few pictures as a starting point, nothing more.

The biggest issue I faced was that I completely misunderstood the autofocus system, I had read that the 7d sported an excellent focussing system.  Armed with this knowledge I assumed that the pictures I was taking were all beautifully in focus.

They were not.

User error is entirely to blame, but it wasn’t exactly heartening to discover  upon my return home many useless blurry images


But to salvage some face, and to have a play with the sepia setting in Elements that I have somehow never noticed before…I present the above shot.

Plus it has allowed me to mangle a Ghostbusters quote into the title.


Stairs leading away from the Conwy Falls in Wales.


5 thoughts on “The Stairs. They Go Up.

  1. It´s not out of focusing Maybrick i´ts your aperture setting f/5 is quite wide set to f/11 or f/13 all will be in focus. I find manual focus better than auto. hope this helps 🙂

    • Doh!

      Your right, it seems I managed to forget the fundamentals while faffing with the shiny new stuff.

      It didn’t help that I have a f2.8 lens for the first time, so I was a little obsessed with using as wide an aperture as I could. Even when it was stupid to do so.

      Cheers for the input.

      • Not stupid Maybrick, i do it all the time ha,ha. I´ve trained myself to take several shots the same at different aperture values 🙂

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