It’s Not Exactly Banksy.

This entry finds me in something of a transitional phase.

I have my new camera, and I have my new lens. And rest assured there will be a much more comprehensive blog entry on that subject.  But to cut a long story short I wanted to go to a place I knew well, a place where I felt comfortable taking photographs, as I was/am unsure about the camera/lens.

But investigating the (somewhat) ruined castle at the heart of Dudley Zoo (yes, that one with numerous blog entries already), I found this somewhat melancholy scene.

Now, I hate to sound like one of those miserable old men who winge about the youth of today…but….

In 1826 (as I read it) an enterprising young man (much assumption here) named I Hotherington spent some considerable time carving his moniker into the stone wall of the dilapidated medieval castle.  This took time, and his handwriting is impeccable.  Better than mine anyway.

And in 2012…Baz loves Dan.  Which I assume is not a declaration of forbidden love across social divides.  I suspect it is the homophobic  slur of one teenager against his friend.


Is it just me who finds this a little sad?

The youth of today…don’t know they were born.




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