Gloucester Cathedral and the Subtle Hint of Photoshop.

Consider this a rough draft of what the final picture will look like.  It is very far from perfect, and basically needs redoing.

But along with a shabby 18-55mm kit lens (that can be ok, but in this case isn’t) I also only have Elements 7, which simply doesn’t have the functionality of more modern programs.

This post reads like an excuse for posting an incomplete picture, which if I am honest…it is.

But I hope soon to be able to post the new improved version, and I am optimistic that differences will be somewhat dramatic.


On the subject of tasters for new content I think the following might be interesting to some…

I am away for few days in Wales next weekend (Betws-y-Coed), so fingers crossed the rain holds off…there will be a glut of Welsh photography (or should that be photography of Wales?).

A few weeks after that it will be a week away in Ireland.  Actually Enniscrone.  I am very much looking forward to returning to the area where I previously took some of my favourite pictures (THIS, THIS and THIS).

Needless to say…lets hope the rain will abate, but as it is Ireland that is unlikely. But it should lead to some dramatic sky’s, at least.

And finally, a new camera has been purchased. I will leave it as a mystery for now, what I am undecided upon is a new lens.  I really want something with a high f-stop (f2.8 at least), but such things are expensive, and finances need to be carefully managed.


And large quantities of overtime booked to pay it all off.


What this all means is it might well be quiet on the blog front for a little while, but expect big shiny new things.


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