Gloucester Cathedral, Outward Bounds.

Most of this little Cathedral project is focused upon the interior of the structure.  That is not to say I didn’t take many outside pictures.

But for the most part the external pictures were taken with the aim of  employing photoshop (beyond the basics of enhancing the colours a bit or cropping).  Images taken to practice with.

And as such most of them failed, I managed to blow the highlights of the sky on almost all of the pictures taken.

So this (and maybe the next) shot is really more of a proof of concept picture.

I am not entirely happy with them, but I think next time will be better.

Hopefully the rain will abate at some point this year and I can make a return visit to Gloucester Cathedral for a rematch.

There are numerous problems I have with this shot, but I hope it will make for an interesting comparison shot with the next attempt.



Linky page. HERE.


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