Gloucester Cathedral.

It’s been a while!

With the rain, and work, more rain and more work I have not had the time to do much other than read other people blogs.

But my temporary photographic absence has ended today.  With a day off from work I went on something of a religious pilgrimage.

I cannot say that I am actually religious in any way,  but I very much like religious architecture.  So off I went, to Gloucester Cathedral.

Which for the non UK audience reading this, is pronounced Gloss-ter.

The next set of entries to this blog would probably be better served by a different blog format, the single picture style of Duotone is sometimes limiting.

So expect several (at least) posts of the many details which caught my eye.  Some are better than others, but that is somewhat to do with the rubbish kit lens.

I really must get around to upgrading that soon…

As to this picture, why didn’t I take two steps to the right and avoid that stupid sign?




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