Red Panda, Redux.

Red Pandas exist to cause me trouble.  Perhaps I am being a little melodramatic in saying that, but I have so rarely managed to get a halfway decent shot.  I can almost believe they like to move about and not hold still just to spite me.

Take this one for example, he is just blurred enough to ruin the shot.  But almost ok enough to show what might have been.

To date, my only half decent (and even this one is a little to blurry for me to be truly happy) Red Panda shot is THIS one.

I think the photo in this entry is a nice example that even a fancy editing trick will not help when the photo is not great to begin with.

I give myself 3 out of 10 for this effort.  And scrawled in red pen in the margin is “must try harder”.


Links Galore! HERE.


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