Red Panda

This is the latest in my little monochrome project.  The subject is a Red Panda taken at the local zoo at my last visit. Obviously a certain amount of processing has been done.

Red Pandas have always been my nemesis in obtaining a decent picture.  They are attractive, active, not really bothered by people (talking of zoo critters here) and in theory make perfect photographic subjects.

Except, either by bad luck or total lack of skill…I have never had a photo that I was pleased with.  There is a Red Panda picture from Cornwall Zoo earlier in this blog, I was fairly happy with it for a time.

But I hate it now and have thought of removing it. But that seems a little dishonest almost, this blog is as much about learning what hasn’t worked as it is what has succeeded.

But I am not about to link to it, if someone feels masochistic enough to search for a rubbish red panda shot…then good luck to them.

It does seem slightly ironic that my favourite picture of a Red Panda, is a black and white effort of a panda doing nothing remotely cute.

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