About an Ostrich.

This entry will be a bit of a mix of things, but first things first.

75th post…yay!

The picture is of an Ostrich, and (obviously) it is a very slightly photoshopped effort.  And by very slightly…I mean hugely reworked. I do like it, but I haven’t been able to get it looking acceptable (in my opinion) on my Iphone.  I thought about simply not posting it, but then I thought “what the hell” and here it is.

So if you are looking at this via an Iphone, sorry.

I suspect that the resolution on the iphone (and probably the ipad) is simply much higher than my pc monitor.

Maybe that will be an excuse to buy myself an ipad…

On with the rest of this (probably overlong) entry.

I am planning on having a new blog theme, probably Nishita, but I am not completely decided yet. But either way, I have never put together an “about me” page. I always thought that I would simply let my pictures do my talking, but I have come to appreciate a little insight into the people behind the photos in those blogs I have been fascinated by.

So, here is a little bio about me.  When the new blog theme is decided upon I will probably copy and paste this bit into a dedicated “about” bit.

I am a proud midlander from the UK, Brummie born and bred.  I work for the NHS, and once upon a time that was something to be proud of.  Now it is an entity that is slowly being crushed by the current UK government, and I genuinely foresee my job being destroyed in the not too distant future.  My working day is full of stress and a sense of hopelessness.

But I walk through life with a mental camera clicking away. I find myself constantly composing photographs in my mind’s eye.

And to actually get out there, and get actual photographs is one of my greatest joys.

I get a genuine buzz when upon my return to the decrepit thing I laughingly call my PC and download the days images…and there are shots I like.  Such a good feeling.

My camera is currently a somewhat aged Canon 400d.  And my chosen lens for the majority of my photography is my beloved Canon 70-200l. But hopefully a kit upgrade is due in the near future.  Either a 7d or 5d mk2.  But that will depend on future finances.


Next, I have opened up a Redbubble account.  I have uploaded a fairly small selection of my photography.  My main criteria for inclusion on Redbubble is “Do I want a print of that”.

In an ideal world there will be enough sales to keep me in zoo entry fees and transportation, which will mean more entries on this blog.  Everyone wins.


Redbubble Maybrick.


Go there, and please buy everything. Twice.

And that will be the extent of my salesmanship. I don’t intend to make every entry an advert for redbubble. Eventually the select few pictures available for sale over there will have a link from their page here. But that will be it, outside of this page, I shall not mention it again.


And lastly, if anybody is still reading this, I am considering maintaining a secondary blog. It seems to me that I have been to a lot of zoos and “days out”,  frequently with two small children in tow, and it might be useful to somebody (by default this would be mostly of use to my UK readers) to have a source of opinions on these locations.

In short, Zoo reviews!

Whether I attempt that here on wordpress or over on Blogger (adsense might be a deciding factor), or some other as yet unknown method…I haven’t a clue.

If that is something that people might be interested in, then leave a comment.


And lastly, I honestly wonder if anybody would read this far without giving up and doing something far more interesting. If you have read this far, have a free internet cookie.

Let me know in the comments how it tasted.




9 thoughts on “About an Ostrich.

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog “Eyes to Heart” and liking “Self-Indulgence …” I appreciate your feedback … Your images are lovely … well composed and pleasing to the eye. Like you I carry my camera everywhere “just in case” and compose mental photographs as I go about my daily experience. … I read all the way to the end of your bio … I’ll have that cookie now, please. 😉 … Be well, Dorothy 🙂

    • Thanks indeed for perservering to the end of my overlong blogpost. The cookie is a huge choclolate chip monster, and it will be winging it’s way to you via the interweb asap.

      You have some lovely photos of your own, I shall be having a good rummage around your blog at my first oportunity.

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