Moody Gyrfalcon.

My moody Bald Eagle from my last entry (HERE) is a photo I quite like. It does much of what I wanted it to do, but it is still a little rough around the edges.

This Gyrfalcon is a much better effort. The bright colors of the bird lend themselves to this sort of high contrast/black and white adjustment.

One unfortunate thing I have noticed is that the previous eagle (and maybe this falcon) look very different depending on your method of browsing.  On my pc monitor the eagle looked fine, but viewed on my iphone it was awful…much more untidy than I had intended. I think I have sorted that out now, but it is irritating nonetheless.

Still, another lesson learned.


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8 thoughts on “Moody Gyrfalcon.

    • I’m glad you liked it. I am still refining my technique, so the following might change in the future. Also I am stuck with Elements 7 only, so a newer product might be better for the job.

      But you need a high contrast subject, but the photo should ideally be underexposed. If you turn the exposure down further in RAW, but brighten the colors you will end up with something close. Any further background detail is then removed (I Burn it, but there are probably better ways). Then a greyscale conversion, and a little further tweeking with brighness/contrast.

      But it all depends on the original subject matter. I have a red panda shot coming up which I am really pleased with, so stay tuned:)

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