Burmese Python.

Today has been annoying!

It’s a bank holiday monday, and it wasn’t raining!

So I thought to make the most of it and head out with my trusty Canon. After some deciding, I went back to the local zoo.  It is only a 2 minute drive from where I live, so it seemed an easy choice.

Did I say it wasn’t raining? It wasn’t up until I paid my entry fee.

As a side note, most animals living in a zoo are far smarter than the humans walking around, the animals for the most part took shelter and stayed dry.

We humans walked around and got wet.

After a few trials I shall no doubt mention in future blog posts, I opted for the reptile house.

And here is a big Burmese Python, but to spite me (paranoia?) it was in it’s shed cycle. Hence the cloudy looking eyes.

And after I got home, my decrepit and possibly senile PC decided to throw a fit.

Some days it’s fine, and some days it makes me wait a couple of minutes between each mouse click.  It has taken me 3 hours to edit 5 pics, which would normally take me a fraction of that time.

Not fun!


My greatest hits page. HERE.


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