Irish Sea. And a Tiny Surfer!

This was the last photo I took of those tiny people on that cold Irish beach.

It is probably my least favourite, but the tiny man does seem to be particularly defiant in face of the mighty ocean.  Well, mighty Sea (to be precise).


8 thoughts on “Irish Sea. And a Tiny Surfer!

  1. Very cool photograph. I think the black and white works well, making the surfer stand-out among the white-caps of the waves. The white-caps of the waves also create a dramatic expanse feel of the sea in front of him. Nice capture, thanks for sharing.
    – Nate

    • Thank you for commenting. These shots all seem to look much better in b&w. They seem to lose some of the mystery in boring old technicolor. At least I think so.

  2. There is something very interesting about this photo. The lone surfer definitely adds another element to the picture. To me there is a 60’s quality to the photograph. As if I’ve stepped back in time. Very nice.

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