More Irish Beach.

I have made reference in previous blog posts on this subject that these pictures were taken with a gigantic hangover.

I find myself wondering, if I had not been so ill…would I have taken more pictures that morning?  At the time I was not that pleased with them, but as time has gone by they have grown on me, and I regret not having more images to work with.

But, if I had been well, would I have restricted myself to a Bed and Breakfast window? Probably not, so I might not even have taken these images in the firt place.

On balance, the hangover has long since passed…but these snaps remain.

The moral of this post…er…Yay Hangovers?

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11 thoughts on “More Irish Beach.

  1. Nice shot, I love the black and white. Unfortunately where I am the nearest beach is an hour or so away and there’s never any surfers.

    • I feel your pain. It’s a couple of hours at least to the nearest beach from where I live. And the surfers tend to avoid the local canals.

      Thanks for stopping by.:)

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