I Can’t Bear the Rain!

It’s a terrible pun.  I’m sorry!

Basically…i’m bored.

The endless rain in the UK is getting me down.

The above amounts to an experiment, plus a bit of malicious intent. They say misery loves company, so I decided that as I am miserable…I would make this sweet innocent Care Bear suffer!

It passed 10 minutes.

The normal service of Zoo birds and Beasts and UK scenery will resume…just as soon as that rain stops.


Have a free LINK to selected other pages of this blog, from happier and less damp days.


17 thoughts on “I Can’t Bear the Rain!

  1. I used to regularly walk past an abandoned giant once-white teddybear in Stratford-on-Avon, he’d been left by the side of a canal, all sodden and forlorn… maybe he was happier outdoors….

    • “maybe he was happier outdoors….”.

      From what I understand, the stuffed bear is a greatly misunderstood creature. From behind their dead, glassy eyes they endlessly stare out into the world, wishing they were free. Free to eat honey, and savage salmon. Free to scare and occaisonally maim campers.

      Obviously the bear you refer to had made some attempt to live the dream, but presumably his lack of mobility caught up with him.

      I think I may be over tired.

  2. As a collector of Teddy Bears I have to say I’m sad that you set up this image – however Teddies reflect the foibles of human kind, good and not so good. For me this is the latter despite the good photography.

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