Life’s a Beach. (Sorry, Lame Pun)

I had such good intentions earlier this year, I was going to blog often. All the time!

But two things have stopped my fun these past few weeks…work.

Work is hugely busy currently.  And the rain.  The endless rain.

Apparently the UK is in a serious drought at the moment…I am not convinced. It seems to have been raining with steady consistency for the entire month of April.

I took a drive out to Carding Mill Valley a few weeks ago, it is a stunning place. It was raining a little when I left home, and by the time I got there I had to park behind a man in a large boat letting the Shropshire wildlife on two by two.

I didn’t even get out my submari…car.

But I will be going back, just one dry afternoon please.

A link to the lovely Carding Mill Valley is HERE.

Right then, enough of this. Time to go to work.

Oh look…it’s raining!



Edit: This is one of the few pictures on this site available for purchase, HERE.


9 thoughts on “Life’s a Beach. (Sorry, Lame Pun)

  1. I like the balance of this image…. figures in opposite corners and separated by the diagonal strands. It works very well as a mono. It leaves me with a slight sense of vertigo……… LOL 🙂

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