Sligo Surfers.

Taking a break from Lions and Tigers and Eagles and Hawks and whatever else I have presented on this blog over the last month or so I thought I might have a change of pace.

This photo was taken from a hotel window overlooking the beach at Sligo in Ireland. It was taken in 2010 by a hugely hung over aspiring photographer very early one November morning.Β  This camera wielding, walking headache couldn’t quite believe that people could choose to be up and about at such an obscene early hour of the day. So he, that is I, took some photos.

Considering the limitations I was presented with (Guinness…oh why must I love you so?) I quite like the result.Β  It was also my first play around with my shiny 70-200l, as I had purchased it on the day before we headed over the sea to the Emerald Isle.

On a separate note a fellow photography blogger has kindly put this blog forward for a Sunshine Award. So thank you too The Great Photo Adventure.



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