Golden Eagle, Flying.

As it stands this is my last capture from my two visits to The Falconry Centre at Hagley in the West Midlands of the Uk.

At least it’s the last image I have that I think is worth sharing.

Once again, it is a Golden Eagle, and just this once luck was on my side.  I have been to a lot of zoo’s and tried to photograph a lot of animals…and getting a decent shot is hard.

I am not trying to compare it to photography in the wild, that is a whole different level of hard. But does that expert wildlife photographer have to deal with a family in tow?  Does he have to deal with random children screaming and shouting, disturbing the critter (and the photographer)? Does the intrepid wildlife photographer have other humans either jostling him out of the way or simply standing in the way?

And perhaps worst of all, does this photographer have to deal with a temperamental animal that knows exactly what the ape with the camera wants and will not play ball.

Oh sure, the animal will happily (spitefully) perform all manner of tricks, make awesome poses, perform somersaults etc. while the camera is pointed elsewhere.

But point that lens in the general vicinity of the animal…and we go all sullen. No engagement with the camera.

But not this time!

I was in the right place at the right time, snapped off literally one shot, and thought no more about it.

Only when I got home and uploaded the picture to my decrepit PC did I find this.  Against all the odds, against the desire of the eagle (paranoid delusion on my part?), I found a shot that I really liked.

Reading this post back to myself I think I may be loosing my mind slightly.

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5 thoughts on “Golden Eagle, Flying.

  1. I’m with you as soon as animals, and children, know the camera is on them they refuse to play ball. But fanatstic shot, I’ve been going through your animal shots and you are really good.

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